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The Way to Mental Health and Wellbeing

“Little Red Book on Mental Health and Wellbeing” is Steve Strongheart’s second book, and is a companion to his first book, “The Present”, published by Jabiru Publishing. The new book is presently at the printer, and will be released very soon.

This powerful little book is a clear and concise guide to help people understand how their life journeys have turned out to be the way they are. Using the model of the Consciousness Rainbow, the author outlines a simple method for analysing our own situations within our present lives. For those who are brave enough to take the journey, he then proposes a method for bringing about change in our lives to help us attain better mental health and wellbeing. He also describes a very handy and effective “tool” for dealing with crisis situations when life experiences are proving too difficult to handle.

This new book will be most helpful for those wishing to improve their life situations and enhance their relationships with others. It is also invaluable for those who are recovering from mental health problems.

You can pre-order this book from the Jabiru Publishing Shop.

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