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David Hollands Curran

Adaptation to change has been David’s primary survival technique. He attended eleven schools, lived in over sixty-five residences, and had five main employers, ten occupational titles and over twenty work locations. David has travelled pretty much all over Australia. He had with him his total possessions on two epic journeys, and fate could have made every stop a destination. David has had over twenty best friends as his life has taken him to repeated brand-new chapters. These experiences have helped create more skills, develop insight into personal relationships, understand the pulse of what defines being Australian, and identify more about his life purpose.

Experiencing Uluru with his Mother, flying from Cairns to Thursday Island in the single-engine mail plane, flying with his helicopter pilot brother over Sydney Harbour Bridge and surviving three near-death experiences have been life-changing and defining events.

All this in a relatively short life-span has fuelled thought and introspection and created a mind which is always active. There is much more creativity in David seeking an outlet. The first instalment is his book, “Ever Essence”, which is available from Amazon.

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