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Two new books are at the printer, almost ready to be released by Jabiru Publishing in early 2015. These new books will be available from this website.

James Farrell’s book, “Headmaster Not Eaten”, is crammed full of amusing anecdotes about his many overseas trips. He has worked in 33 different countries, most of them in the developing world. James has a delightful, quirky sense of humour. His specialty seems to be finding amusement in the little oddities of human behaviour. An added bonus is his elegant writing style, which makes this book an absolute pleasure to read.

Susan Alley’s book, “Cheerio, Don”, is about her uncle, Don Mitchell, who served in New Guinea during World War II. Susan sourced this very interesting book from her uncle’s wartime diaries and letters, as well as discussions with him in his later years. In addition to Don’s wartime exploits, there are revealing insights into his family’s experiences in rural Australia during the war years.

Both authors live in Far North Queensland, Australia. Susan is planning her next book, another family history. James has already started working on his next book, another instalment of stories about his very interesting life.

Both books were edited by Wordfix and printed by FC Productions. Many thanks to Katerina Schmaiger from FC Productions for the cover designs.


  1. b.w. johansen says:

    March 16th, 2015 at 9:02 am

    A book I think my father would like to read, as he loves history, anything about wars, and people in the wars and the ones who survived. Miss Alley should do well with this one, as it is the 100 year celebration of ANZAC. Well done!

  2. Ross Telfer says:

    May 9th, 2015 at 5:50 am

    For those of us who enjoy travel and experiences in other cultures, Jim Farrell’s book is a gem. There’s a serious theme not far under the amusing anecdotes.
    I’ve passed my copy on to my three daughters before their next trips abroad. I doubt if I’ll get it back.

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