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A True Sea Adventure

A short, non-eventful boat trip from the mainland of Papua New Guinea to the small Island of Simberi suddenly turns from a sea adventure into a living nightmare for the five people on board. After they had been travelling in the wrong direction for over an hour, disaster strikes when the 23-foot banana boat runs out of fuel and no-one knows where they are. The book tells the harrowing true story of the people on board who, against all odds and with no food or water, attempted to survive the relentless and unforgiving Pacific Ocean. On that boat, a hero was born. His inspirational story of courage, strength and hope made him the last true Tyrannosaurus Rix.

This amazing, true story has been lovingly constructed and told by Thomas Garrett who works  at a gold mine on Simberi Island on a ‘fly-in fly-out” basis. Thomas ‘s home is now Cairns in North Queensland.

The story is illustrated with beautiful colour photographs.

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