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Noela McNamara’s New Book of Poems & Stories

Poet Noela McNamara’s new book of poems & stories has just been released by Jabiru Publishing. This book draws on Noela’s reputation as a published poet, and extends her genre to include short stories. Noela’s breadth of writing experience and her academic background combine to produce a compelling collection of work on the interface between cultures in Australia. The book reminds us of the multicultural nature of our country and explores with thoughtfulness and sensitivity the way in which the past becomes a part of our present.

Noela’s short stories cover a range of cultures, exploring, for example, a woman’s roots in her father’s homeland of Ireland, the trials and joys of a Cambodian refugee family who settle in tropical north Queensland, and the nuances of renewing a friendship between young women of different racial background. Other stories sensitively explore the lived experiences of Indigenous Australians in contemporary Australia.

Creating Pathways through Tangled Roots is available from the Shop.

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