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Noel Humphreys’ Latest Book

Poet Noel Humphreys has just published his latest book, “Praise, Tributes and Eulogies”. In his third book, Noel pays tribute to the many people – friends, family and other heroes – who have had an influence on his writing. For example, he is a great admirer of Rupert McCall (poet, TV host, MC and public speaker), who has written many books on the same topics, especially sport, that interest Noel. Although they come from different states in Australia, they are both great supporters of Rugby League.

In his Foreword to the book, Lachlan Irvine comments that Noel writes in the tradition of Australian bush poets such as Banjo Paterson and Henry Lawson. Lachlan notes that Noel writes with a genuine empathy for his subjects and also for his readers.

As a person who confesses he is terrified of public speaking, Noel has developed a clever way of being able to deliver eulogies at the funerals of loved ones: he does this by writing poems that he can read out. This indicates Noel’s compassion, respect for others, and ingenuity.

You can buy Noel’s latest book, as well as his earlier titles, “This Homeland of Mine” and “Inspiration Then & Now”, from our Shop.

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