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New Book by Jennifer Coffison

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What a pleasure it is to be working on Jennifer Coffison’s third book! On Elephants and Cotton Wool is the third collection of Jennifer’s very moving and original poems. The earlier books, No Indication of Splinters and As if I Were Here, were produced by Wordfix and published by Jabiru Publishing. Both books are available from the Poetry section of our Shop.

On Elephants and Cotton Wool is testament to the light and heavy journeys throughout this thing we call life. Life would be an easier path if we had a smooth and comfortable ride, but would we grow? It is possible that comfort and discomfort go hand in hand, enabling us to experience growth in our personal journeys, moving to a place where forgiveness and love are supported and enjoyed.

Life is hopeful, valuable, precious, fascinating, courageous, Intense, heart-wrenching, passionate, stunning, astounding, bittersweet, touching, gentle, enticing, raw, tragic, joyous, uplifting and incredibly beautiful all at once.

In this beautiful book, Jennifer Coffison explores the complexities of our life journeys in a collection of stunning poems.

Jennifer’s new book is presently at the printer and can be pre-ordered from our Shop.

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