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Noela McNamara’s fourth book, Immanence: Poems in Contemplation, is an anthology of short poems to celebrate life in all its facets. While we each may strive to create a perfect life for ourselves, following some heartfelt ideal of how we believe life should be, this goal remains largely unattainable. The poems encourage quiet contemplation of important and universal themes such as Nature, Society and the age-old question: Who Am I? “Immanence” refers to the quiet unfolding and becoming that occurs as people contemplate their ever-changing position and role in life.

This book follows on from Noela’s previous book, Daughter, Woman, Mother Wife, which focused on the many roles played by women. In her latest book, Noela broadens the scope of the poems, increasing their appeal to poetry lovers of all ages and interests.

A prolific composer of poetic works, Noela is now working on her fifth book of poems.

Immanence: Poems in Contemplation is available from the Shop.

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