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Excellent Review of “Cheerio, Don”

“Cheerio, Don” by Susan Alley has received an excellent review from Don Lawie, Reviewer for M/C Reviews, Queensland University of Technology. Don Lawie served in 51 Battalion, Far North Queensland Regiment and the Papua New Guinea Volunteer Rifles. Here is an excerpt from his review:

“Cheerio, Don is a fascinating insight into a way of life in Australia that is no more. It is a record of rural life that will be of enduring interest to coming generations, as well as a chronicle of service in the military forces. That service was typical of so many others, mostly dull and repetitious with no chance of heroics, yet performing a vital part in the overall strategy that led to defeat of the enemy. Susan Alley has written of her revered Uncle with love, empathy and respect. It would be wonderful if he were able to read Cheerio, Don.”

The whole review can be read here.

The book is available from the Shop.


  1. Janeen says:

    April 18th, 2015 at 12:59 am

    Excellent read. It was great to experience the war first hand from letters and interviews that Susan had worked so hard to get and also did so much research for. I loved reading about Don’s experiences coming from a very small rural town and going into the Militia or Australia’s version of the Home Guard.

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