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Liliana De Sabbata

Liliana De Sabbata is a Mother, Grandmother and Lover. Her default setting is positivity and peacefulness. She lives surrounded by bush with her loving partner. Their family is mixed and blended, a true melting pot of cultures and vibrant personalities.

She has spent most of her life living in rural Far North Queensland, surrounded by the abundance and beauty of wildlife.

While she has no formal qualifications or professional career expertise, working in the retail/customer service industry most of her adult life has provided the opportunity to work with, meet and serve a variety of people from all walks of life.

Poetry was never Liliana’s passion, but something “gifted” to her after making a major lifestyle change. Blessings come in unusual ways, sometimes painfully, but if we do the work required then we reap the rewards.

She enjoys the peace and quiet of Mother Nature. Bushwalks, camping and travel have broadened her view on the world and life in general. She loves to garden, read, crochet and tend to her chickens.

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