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Jenny Lawton

Jenny Lawton was born in Home Hill in North Queensland. She later moved with her family to central New South Wales, and later to Sydney. After finishing school at Sydney Girls’ High School, she completed a course in Primary School Teaching and began her lifelong career as a teacher. She met Doug Lawton, a high school Industrial Arts teacher, while she was still at Teachers’ College, and they subsequently married.

As teachers, they enjoyed the same holidays as their sons. Camping was a favourite holiday, with one of Doug’s demonstration boats which he made at the same time as students at school.

Jenny and Doug spent seven years cruising the South Pacific. They were able to make their cruising dream a reality by careful planning and determination. Their sailing adventures wildly surpassed their expectations. Their only troubles came with Doug’s eventual illness, but he had fulfilled his dream, for which Jenny was ever thankful. Jenny still lives in Cairns.

Jenny’s first book, “The Cruising Dream”, has been published by Jabiru Publishing.

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