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New Release: A Little Book of Tanka Verse

Jabiru Publishing is very pleased to announce the release of Noela McNamara’s ninth book, titled “A Little Book of Tanka Verse”. With this book, Noela has taken a new direction in her poetry, choosing to write her poems in the tanka form. Tanka is an extension of the Japanese haiku, with two extra lines added. The first and third lines have five syllables, while the second, fourth and fifth lines have seven syllables.

Noela’s poems are on topics such as emotion, seasons, nature, love and sadness.

Here is an example from Noela’s book:

When we are children

we know nothing about time

until we can speak

then we make plans and chase dreams

till in the end time runs out.

Noela McNamara’s book can be purchased from our online Shop.

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