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The Moon and Poetry

Young girl sittin a swing gazing at the full moon

Liliana De Sabbata’s upcoming book, “In Memory of the Moon Maiden”, is an example of how deeply the phases of the moon can affect us. In Liliana’s case, it has resulted in an outpouring of poetic forms that has culminated in her collection of beautiful poems on the Moon, Nature, family, relationships and emotions.

Liliana describes how the poems are “gifted” to her:

This book has slowly emerged over the past fourteen years, after poetry suddenly and quite unexpectedly became part of my life. The words are “gifted” to me: I get a line in my head, and I write it down. The rest flows freely and fluidly from there. Most poems come around the time of the Full Moon.

Poetry is a celebration of life and death and all the crazy bits in between. I believe in love and gratitude, and that nature has a magical way of healing us.

The beautiful image on the front cover was painted by Eliza Jade Cook, and the cover was designed by Olivia Michaud from Angel Creative Design. Thank you to these two very talented people.

“In Memory of the Moon Maiden” will be released in October 2022. You can order in advance from our Shop https://jabirupublishing.com.au/shop/


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