As if I Were Here


Jennifer Coffison’s second poetry book follows on from the success of “No Indication of Splinters”, revealing a little more of Jennifer’s truth in the form of poetry. Be it sad, wonderful, loud, or devastatingly sincere, there are purpose and honour in every person’s truth.

In “As if I Were Here”, Jennifer explores the meaning of reality and the importance of love and other emotions, sharing ourselves with others, and the power of words in expressing our oneness and commonality. Jennifer uses poetry to express her truth, in particular the need for love and sharing. Themes explored include identity, transition, love, judgement and women.

  • Title: As if I Were Here
  • Published by: Jabiru Publishing
  • Year of publishing: 2018
  • Book format: Paperback
  • Pages: 62, 7 illustrations

Jennifer Coffison

Jennifer Coffison was born in Queensland, Australia in the 1950s. She began writing poetry as a young girl and soon realised that her love of the humble word inspired her to travel the long journey into publishing her work. Her early years were full of writing, marriage, raising children and working, in common with many of us in this full and amazing life. Poetry is her forte, with each book capturing her truth spoken in ink.

Jennifer’s previously published works include two poetry collections, No Indication of Splinters and As if I Were Here, both published by Jabiru Publishing. On Elephants and Cotton Wool is Jennifer’s third book of poetry, once again proving her love of the humble word.