Spin into Drama


Teachers, aspiring actors (both teenagers and adults) and all theatre practitioners will benefit from these strategies to enhance drama skills. Activity and study sessions cover vital performance strands for stage and screen aspirants. A guide for teachers and directors is included. Best of all – this material, designed to encourage and strengthen actors, is drawn from a life of teaching, examining and directing.

  • Title: Spin into Drama
  • Published by: Jabiru Publishing
  • Year of publishing: 2016
  • Book format: Paperback, A4-size
  • Pages: 80 pages, illustrated
  • ISBN: 9780994493248

Hazel Menehira

Born in London and educated in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, Hazel Menehira became a New Zealand citizen after emigrating to the North Island in 1956. An Associate, Licentiate and Fellow of Trinity College, London, Hazel is an internationally recognised speech and drama teacher, examiner and adjudicator.

A Life Member of the Wanganui Branch of the Theosophical Society New Zealand, Hazel’s background includes fifty years in journalism and writing of educational text books, short stories, reviews and poetry, as well as a thirty-year career in professional theatre. She founded the Wanganui Rainbow Theatre for Youth and directed it for ten years. Hazel is a book reviewer for the Media/Culture webpage of Queensland University.

Living on one of the tropical northern beaches of Cairns, Hazel continues to be a mentor for new and aspiring writers and a workshop tutor. She has forty direct descendants, twenty of whom are her great-grandchildren.

Hazel has published 16 books, including “Nothing as Posh as a Memoir”, which she published to celebrate her 80th birthday. Her most recent publications are the companion books, “Beyond a Time” and “Below a Time”.