A Trillionaire’s Pathway: My Fantasy Hotel


Chris Shaw’s new book, “A Trillionaire’s Pathway”, takes an imaginative look at ways of making lots of money. Using a fantasy hotel as an example, this tongue-in-cheek view of how to get rich is both entertaining and informative.

“A Trillionaire’s Pathway” is a great story, an exciting fantasy, and a training manual for entrepreneurs. It ‘s like a gym to hone your creative mental health by building an imaginary hotel. Success is attained when the money takes a back seat to problem-solving creativity.


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  • Title: A Trillionaire’s Pathway: My Fantasy Hotel
  • Published by: Jabiru Publishing
  • Year of publishing: 2017
  • Book format: Paperback
  • Pages: 90
  • ISBN: 9780999444256

Chris Shaw

After he retired from his fifty-year-long career as a pharmacist on three continents, Chris Shaw embarked on another career as a writer. Was it because his wife, Rebecca, is a librarian and their home is filled with books? Or was it because Chris’s creative talent had been suppressed all those years, and the stories just came bursting out when he had the time? In any case, the results are fascinating.

Chris published one book of short stories written during his travels overseas, entitled “Stories to Shorten Your Travel Time”. His second book, “Hey, Guys! Here’s How to get More ‘Nooky’!”, was published in 2011. It is sure to make some waves as Chris generously shares his knowledge in an attempt to help men get the most out of the relationships with their wives, girlfriends and lovers (or all three together in the one person!).

Chris’s recent books include “Warspite” (2012), “My New Country” (2013) and “Never Let the Truth” (2014).