Piggy Tales: Reminiscings of an Old Copper


Graham Burridge (Buzzy) has been shot at, stabbed and left with a broken neck as a result of almost 40 years of policing throughout Queensland, Australia. Piggy Tales is a chance for you to gain an insight into his world – the world of thousands of others just like him, ordinary men and women doing extraordinary things. Join him as he recounts the tales and anecdotes of the characters he met and worked with, and those who fell foul of the law.

These stories are all based in some level of truth; the depth of the untruth is known only to Buzzy. Names have often been changed to protect the innocent (and the guilty!)

The book is written in the same style as Buzzy speaks – witty, humorous, engaging and entertaining.

  • Title: Piggy Tales: Reminiscings of an Old Copper
  • Published by: Piggy Tales
  • Year of publishing: 2019
  • Book format: Paperback
  • Pages: 278
  • ISBN: 9780646986142

Graham Burridge

Graham Burridge, aka “Buzzy”, was born in the United Kingdom and migrated with his family to Australia in 1968. He did terribly at school, excelled at athletics, joined the Queensland Police Force in 1977 and was inducted in December 1978, serving throughout Queensland. He was shot at five times and stabbed twice. His spine is held together with a titanium plate.

Graham writes as he speaks. He is an accomplished public speaker, radio and TV presenter and possesses a quick wit, and a funny bone to match. He has had police meal rooms and audiences in stitches while recounting the tales of his long and distinguished career. The tales have translated well to the written word and exemplify the manner in which Buzzy presents his stories.

“Piggy Tales” will make you giggle and guffaw, cry and catch your breath. He has been an ordinary man doing extraordinary things.

Graham’s book, “Piggy Tales”, was published by Piggy Tales and is available from its website.