The Christmas Trunk


This story is about a wooden trunk that travels from Ireland to Australia in 1840 as part of a huge chain migration. The story begins with the harsh reality of life during the Great Hunger in Ireland and engages with historical events of that era in both countries. The Christmas Trunk ends with a reunion celebration for three new generations of Irish Australian sheep farmers. The story demonstrates the true meaning of the Spirit of Christmas and just how beautiful and contagious that can be if people open their hearts to it.

  • Title: The Christmas Trunk
  • Published by: Jabiru Publishing
  • Year of publishing: 2021
  • Book format: Paperback
  • Pages: 110
  • ISBN: 9780648889458

Noela McNamara

Noela McNamara began writing poetry and stories while she was a teenager living on the farming outskirts of Brisbane. She studied literature as a mature-age student, gained several degrees and certificates, and tutored at James Cook University Cairns in English and Indigenous Australian Studies. Now both retired, Noela and her husband share time with their children and twelve grandchildren in Cairns, the Sunshine Coast and Canada. A large family with accompanying laughter and tears, as well as umpteen notebooks of “scribblings” squirrelled away over many decades, inspire her lively imagination to continue to create poems and stories.