Courageous Hearts

The building of the Kuranda Railway near Cairns was an engineering marvel that some people felt could not be done, and during its construction, many workers were killed. “Courageous Hearts” is set at a time when the railway was almost completed. Connor Murphy, a surveyor on the project, meets Maria Cardolini, whose father, mother and brother were all killed on the railway. While Connor and Maria are deeply attracted to each other, Connor is not sure that he can persuade Maria to take him as her husband. Maria is afraid to love a man who works on the railway, as she has already lost so many loved ones. Courageous Hearts shows life in Far North Queensland in the past, complete with cyclones, crocodiles and tropical diseases.

  • Title: Courageous Hearts
  • Published by: Jabiru Publishing
  • Year of publishing: 2018
  • Book format: E-book
  • ISBN: 9780648107477
  • Available on Amazon

Helene McCarthy

Helene McCarthy has two university degrees, after beginning her studies at the age of 48 years. As an Army wife for many years, Helene lived with her husband and family in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, as well as in all the eastern states of Australia. She and her husband have travelled to many places in Australia, giving Helene the opportunity to take thousands of photographs. She has been a swimming instructor and a remedial tutor. She has published two books: “Voices of Dementia Carers” (Jabiru Publishing 2015 ); and “A Quiet Hero”. Helene has four children and eleven grandchildren, and now lives in Cairns, north Queensland.