Beats Working for a Living

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If, as he left his native Kenya to study forestry at Oxford, you had told Rob Ryan that five years later he would be settling in Alice Springs as the Australian Government’s minerals geologist, he would not have believed it. This the story of how it happened. It is also the story of his lifelong supporter – his Kenyan high school girlfriend and wife, Judy – and their families, and of the vicissitudes of a geologist’s life in outback Australia. It is also a story of the unrelenting search for minerals to replace those that the human race consumes at a huge rate in order to survive. This search has taken the author from the rainforests of Borneo to the deserts of Egypt; and from the luxury home of a Minister in the government of the Shah of Iran to a ceremonial welcome in Fiji.

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  • Title: Beats Working for a Living
  • Published by: Jabiru Publishing
  • Year of publishing: 2014
  • Book format: Paperback
  • Pages: 406
  • ISBN: 9780992323738

Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan was born and grew up in Kenya. After completing secondary schooling in Kenya, he studied Geology at Oxford University. In 1955 he left England to start his first job – in Australia. Here he worked in remote regions of Western Australia and the Northern Territory. His work has since taken him to many parts of the world looking for mineral deposits.

Rob’s second book, “Beats Working for a Living”, was published by Jabiru Publishing in 2014. It tells of his early years in Kenya, his educational years in England, and amusing experiences while coming to terms with living in Australia in the 1950s.