Timid Drip


“No longer will I face a taunt. My mind no longer will you haunt.”

The bullied water-drop, Timid Drip, cries out in a rebellious rage, before disappearing. Like every playground flooded with tides of emotion, the Atherton Tablelands waterfall scene, the water-drops’ playground, is no different. Water-drops, dripping with guilt, mount a search for one of their own in a unique, photographic journey.

Discover how the water-drops work together to soak the Atherton Tablelands and beyond with the most glorious rain seen in ages. Just like the rain, the story will stay with you.

  • Title: Timid Drip
  • Published by: Jabiru Publishing
  • Year of publishing: 2019
  • Book format: Soft cover
  • Pages: 52 pages, illustrated with the author’s photographs of the Atherton Tablelands.
  • ISBN: 9780648574101

Desmond O’Neill

I have come from past days of assembling wooden furniture on dusty factory floors, where a rampant imagination day-dreamed away production hours; to a retired life, trekking rainforest trails of mystery, discovering a world of Atherton Tableland wonders.

From hostile friction, where bullying and aggression led to confrontation by workers confined within those production walls; to the crescendo of waterfall flow, the tranquil scenes of rainforest gleaming after the rains, and the peaceful fiction they provide.

From a time where thoughts and ideas were dismissed by the knock-off siren; to Cairns Tropical Writers and Ravenshoe Writers Group, where words are gathered and harnessed, and stories of imaginative delight are assembled in place of furniture.

The University of the Third Age (U3A) and the photography group, Happy Snappers, taught me the use of modern cameras, away from automatic settings. The thrill of bird photography captured the focus. Imagination now had a new partner, with the view-finder being the words-minder.

These sources of creativity inspire me both to write stories and to take photographs to illustrate them. My book, “Timid Drip”, is a product of this creativity.

“Timid Drip” was published by Jabiru Publishing in 2019.