Nanny Teapot and the Lost Golden Crown


Nanny Teapot decided to go on a holiday. She couldn’t bear to be parted from her beautiful golden crown. So she posted it to her holiday address, but it didn’t arrive. She was so upset! Would Nanny Teapot ever find her lost golden crown?

This enjoyable children’s book is illustrated by Amanda Wiltshire. Her whimsical drawings in this delightful book are very appealing for children.

  • Title: Nanny Teapot and the Lost Golden Crown
  • Published by: Jabiru Publishing
  • Year of publishing: 2018
  • Book format: Soft cover
  • Pages: 30 pages, illustrated
  • ISBN: 9780648292920

Amanda Wiltshire

Amanda was born in Melbourne and at a young age her family moved to Mission Beach, living a beach and island lifestyle. Amanda’s family life was centred around her mother’s painting and art gallery which was part of the family home. Amanda moved away to study Law at University and raised a family before continuing her career in Law. After the death of her mother, choosing to change career paths and a divorce all taking place within a couple of years Amanda is now very happily living back in Mission Beach.

Amanda has written and illustrated a self-help motivational book, “Fly”, published by Jabiru Publishing ( This book is available from the Jabiru Publishing Book Store.

A children’s book, “Nanny Teapot and the Lost Golden Crown”, is in the process of being published by Jabiru Publishing.

Amanda has found a way to live simply and happily and through her writing can share this gift with others.