Beamer: Am I One of You?

A playful dog called Beamer wanders around the farm trying to work out which group he belongs to. Is he a galah? Or a kangaroo? Or a chicken? He tries to act like them, but he soon realises he’s not the same as them. Who does he belong to?

After a while he works it out. He goes in the car to pick up the mail, he relaxes in a comfy armchair, and he sits at the table for dinner with Mum and Dad. He must be a human!

Beamer is beautifully illustrated with high-quality pictures. The story is interesting, original and humorous.

  • Title: Beamer: Am I One of You?
  • Published by: Jabiru Publishing
  • Year of publishing: 2019
  • Book format: Soft cover
  • Pages: 26 pages, illustrated
  • ISBN: 9780648574118

Donna Herewini