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New poetry book by Celia Berrell

Such a talented poet! Celia Berrell has a wonderful imagination that allows her to write interesting, humorous and highly original poems for children based on science. Christmastime Rhymes will be launched at the Cairns Tropical Writers’ Festival to be held from 8-10 March 2024. I can’t wait to see how Celia will present the book at her launch. There are always surprises from Celia!

Celia’s earlier book, The Science Rhymes Book, has been universally acclaimed by Australian and international educators, who have commended its value in teaching children about science in an original and humorous manner. She has published widely in the CSIRO children’s magazine, Double Helix, and Australian Children’s Poetry. She has also published her poems in New Scientist and Get Ahead KidsĀ  Magazine.

You can buy Celia’s book from our Shop.

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