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New Book by Noela McNamara

Noela McNamara, prolific writer of poems and short stories, has just had her third book published. “Daughter Woman Mother Wife” is a collection based on the theme of family life in Australian society, seen through the eyes of a woman. Noela has a great ability to go to the heart of the things that make us human – the joys, the sadnesses, the fears, the wonderful ability to appreciate beauty, and the capacity to give and receive love in return.

The section on children is warm and heartfelt, but also encapsulates the fears, doubts and concerns of childhood, including exposure to the dark side of life. The poems and stories about women cover the range of complex experiences and emotions that women are exposed to throughout their lives. Contemplative poems and stories illustrate the journey of women throughout their lives, from childhood to old age.

Noela has an extraordinary ability to delve deeply into the hearts of people, both male and female. This is a richly rewarding book to explore.

The book is available from the Shop.


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