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James Farrell’s New Book, “Headmaster Not Eaten”

James Farrell’s humorous account of his travels in 33 different countries is receiving very positive comments from readers. The book is called “Headmaster Not Eaten”, and was published recently by Jabiru Publishing.

Here are some of the readers’ comments:

For those of us who enjoy travel and experiences in other cultures, Jim Farrell’s book is a gem. There’s a serious theme not far under the amusing anecdotes. I’ve passed my copy on to my three daughters before their next trips abroad. I doubt if I’ll get it back. Ross Telfer

For me, your book was great… There were times when I had to put the book down so that I could reminisce about similar but personal experiences and/or to have a good laugh … Your book is without doubt the type of thing I would buy to read on an international flight and, equally important, to prepare me for a country where I have not worked before to raise my consciousness about cultural and language similarities and differences. Ed Burke

I have to admit that for a non-fiction reader, I am finding this book entertaining, informative and more than a little funny! I am enjoying reading about your experiences, and your insight into the peoples of various countries is amazing … I alternate from little giggles to full-blown chortling. Gail Winters

What a delight! … Such a pleasure to read! Jeanette O’Shea

The book is available from the Shop.


  1. Thomas Bellotti, Kampala Uganda says:

    August 29th, 2016 at 9:39 am

    Dr James Farrell’s Book, “Headmaster Not Eaten” is a delight to read: educative, factual, practical, adventurous and humorous . Recommendable to: professionals, students and book lovers. A guide to travellers willing to learn. diverse cultures, customs, traditions and norms of over thirty three countries. Readers will learn a lot from the book written by a professional

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