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“Imagining Other Lives” by Noela McNamara

Imagining Other Lives: Selected Stories is Noela McNamara’s 10th published book. Noela has been writing poems and stories since she was a teenager, and has drawers and boxes full of of snippets and ideas that she turns into wonderful stories. Noela uses her imagination to develop interesting, mysterious, and sometimes horrifying tales. This book is a selection of her short stories, which cover a vast range of people, settings and personalities, but always with an Australian flavour. Noela grew up on a farm in the country, and it would be true to say that her experiences sometimes pop into her stories. For example, “Mushrooms” draws on her own childhood memories of collecting mushrooms that would pop up in the paddocks after rain.

As the blurb on the back cover of the book describes: “With precious spare time on her hands, Noela McNamara heeded their call and brought them to life. This collection of tales presents miraculous, menacing and mysterious happenings in the lives of imaginary characters over time in Australian society.”

The cover was specially chosen to represent the author’s scribblings, and also her close connection to all things to do with nature.

Noela’s latest book will be published early in 2023 by Jabiru Publishing.


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