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“Fortune’s Way” by Helene McCarthy

Helene McCarthy has just published the first of a number of historical novels set in early Australia. “Fortune’s Way” is set in early Tasmania, then known as Van Diemen’s Land. Daniel Quinn was sentenced to life imprisonment in Van Diemen’s Land for a crime he didn’t commit. Against all odds, he survived the terrifying trip on a convict ship, arrived in Hobart Town and was locked up in Port Arthur Prison. Keen to keep his head low and stay out of trouble in this dangerous environment, he studied and learned new valuable skills. Eventually, he was released from prison to work with a wealthy landowner who was building a brewery. There, he fell in love with the beautiful daughter of his master. But what chance did he have of winning her hand? He was a lowly convict, while she could have her pick of the young men in the new colony.

“Fortune’s Way” was published by Jabiru Publishing. It is available as an e-book from Amazon. To purchase, click here.

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