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2nd edition of “Back Country Rivers” by David Howard

The 2nd edition of “Back Country Rivers” by David Howard contains extra poems and further information about stories connected to earlier poems. He has re-titled the book by adding the sub-title, “Wider and Deeper”

The book also contains a Foreword by Angus Emmott OAM, who is well-known for his interest in and knowledge about the rivers in the beautiful Channel Country of north-western Queensland. Angus’s efforts as an activist have helped to bring the ecological importance of this region to the attention of governments, policy-makers and the general public. Here is an excerpt from the Foreword:

This book David has written focuses on the rivers in this outback region and the importance of conserving them. His writing reflects a life lived travelling the lesser-known areas of inland Australia. In this book, he continues his wonderful gift of telling stories, whilst honouring the outback landscape. I highly recommend this book for those who are wishing to get a deeper understanding of this amazing part of our planet.

David’s new poems (and associated stories) include one about the Johnstone River in far north Queensland, a creative use for dud opal mine shafts, and an unmentionable disease he calls the “Queensland Disease”.

You can buy David’s new book from the Shop.

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