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Kiri Newton

I came to earth angrily, the product of an odd marriage. My parents were allegedly too old for this caper, my mother 42 and my father 60. I quickly grew into a mouthy, opinionated child, thirteen going on thirty, a bit of a loner and yet oddly extraverted at the same time. Not much has changed, really.

At a very young age I developed a love of books and reading. By the time I reached senior school, I read everything I could get my hands on, in every possible genre and by a galaxy of different authors. It wasn’t until JK Rowling and the Harry Potter phenomenon that I considered writing myself. I began to write, sharing my stories with my friends. I wrote about talking cats and other nonsense, but they loved what I wrote. My school teachers, though, were not amused, often finding random chapters of my stories scribbled in school books instead of my overdue homework.

Today I write fantasy, with “Undertow” being my first book published. Although my genre is fantasy-fiction, I don’t see it as fantasy because I believe every word I write.

“Find something you like, be passionate about it and make it your life. If you enjoy what you do, you will be good at it,” was the advice my father left me with. My ultimate dream is to be a professional writer, sharing my kooky stories with the world.

Undertow has been published globally through Bookpal and is available from Amazon.

For Kiri Newton’s website click here.

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