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Clive Richmond

By the time Clive Richmond was eleven years old, he had lived in nine different houses and attended eight different schools, in three different countries. Perhaps he was already a gypsy? If not, he certainly became one, as did his wife, Mandy. Clive grew up in Carnarvon in Western Australia where he became a qualified mechanic and welder. Here he met Mandy, who was already wandering. Together, they tossed a coin and took to the road. Some normal things followed: marriage, children, working hard and keeping the dream alive, like most of us do. However, “normal” doesn’t really equate to the way they have lived their lives. They have spent most of their lives on the road, travelling around Australia, living for the most part in remote areas and working on cattle stations. Clive’s book, “Southern Cross Gypsies”, is an inspiring and interesting book, full of freedom, dreams and throwing your hat in the ring. Clive is a singer/song writer, poet and now an author. He has a great love of the Australian bush and believes Australia to be the greatest country in the world.

Clive’s book, “Southern Cross Gypsies”, was published by Jabiru Publishing in 2017.

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